Monday, September 22, 2008

First Post

Since the beginning of my journey, many things have changed. I view food and activities completely different now. I do still enjoy eating, but in a different way. Before I lived to have whatever junk food I could shovel into my mouth, now I enjoy more fulfilling foods that are good and good for me. This in turn has inspired me to share many of the foods I make on a daily basis with you. I hope you can enjoy it too, and no worries you may adjust the recipes to your liking, I won't be offended. Please leave comments whenever possible.

Johanna M.
aka MRSaphrodites/Aphrodites


JenniferinNY said...

This is too funny that I found your page. I noticed your first name is Johanna. My oldest daughters name is Johanna too! Its not a very common name, so I just thought it was neat to find someone who went through WLS (as I did this past year) and have the same name as my daughter.

carmen rizo said...

johanna please give me a call or email me back this is carmen rizo that goes to support group remeber l saw u in the last meeting l went to in cedars hospital my eamil address is would love to hear from u ok